Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cloth Diapers-do you use them?

Do you use cloth diapers?

I am fascinated by them. They are so amazingly modern and very similar to everyday disposable diapers. They stretch and bend and fit the baby just as disposable diapers do. They are good for the environment and they save you alot of money and they are good for your baby's tushie. Sure, the initial investment will set you back a few hundred dollars, but think about never having to say "Hunny we need to buy diapers"? I really like the Thirsties and Bum Genius. They have such cute patterns on the cloth diapers, and you can put your little one in cloth diapers that match their outfit.

gDiapers are very cool. They aren't disposable or cloth but can also be thrown away and they can be flushed!!!! Julia Roberts uses them with her twins! Check them out- click on this picture of them.

Even if you aren't sure about cloth diapering your little one exclusively, why not try it out? Buy a few and see if its worth it.

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Jerinda said...

Nice blog! We love cloth diapers here too!